We all need different solutions to be successful in our individual wellness pursuit. The Dakota Wellness Program for NDPERS members offers just that – a broad mix of tools and a variety of education to encourage and support you in your wellness journey.

To find out more about opportunities to support your health and well-being or to learn more about the services offered through the Dakota Wellness Program contact us at (844) 742-0014 or NDPERSwellness@sanfordhealthplan.com

Dakota Wellness Portal

As a Sanford Health Plan member, you have access to our online wellness portal. You can take a health assessment, try new health and well-being activities and get support on your wellness journey. Log on to your account at sanfordhealthplan.com/memberlogin. If you do not have an account, use your medical ID card and click Create an Account. Select Wellness Portal under the Dakota Wellness tab.

Dakota Wellness Program Overview Webinar

Dakota Wellness Program Materials

Wellness Portal

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