Your Health is Our Priority

NDPERS and Sanford Health Plan have partnered to bring you the Governor’s Wellness Initiative. Governor Burgum and his cabinet are excited to offer you these opportunities to grow in your understanding of health and wellness, all in the pursuit of a healthier North Dakota.

Your health and wellness consists of six dimensions. Through this initiative, you will have opportunities to learn about and nurture each dimension, working toward a healthier, whole you.

The Governor's Initiative Needs You

Watch this message from Governor Doug Burgum to hear about the important role you have in the health and well-being of North Dakota. Then learn more by downloading our top tips for improving in each dimension of well-being. 

Career Well-being

When you love what you do, your whole outlook on life can change. Everyone can find fulfillment in the work they do every day.

Coming September 2018

Emotional Well-being

Being in tune to your emotional needs helps you better understand and deal with the unavoidable stressors that occur in your life.

Coming September 2018


Social Well-being

The people in our lives have a tremendous effect on our habits. It’s crucial to surround yourself with a circle that supports and encourages your growth.

Coming October 2018


Community Well-being

Giving back to your community helps you not only feel a greater sense of purpose, but also brings you closer to the people and places around you.

Coming October 2018

Financial Well-being

Changing your view on money can change your outlook on life. Relieving yourself from financial worries starts with small steps.

Coming November 2018

Physical Well-being

When you feel your best, you get more out of life. Developing healthy habits in nutrition, exercise, sleep and safety will keep you fit for years to come.

Coming November 2018